Welcome to the Learning Network – a site created and run by me, Mark Nelson. As a successful entrepreneur with over three decades of experience in the business world, I wanted to create a site that would help aspiring entrepreneurs as they began their business ventures. I also focus on how to grow and market businesses, which can be very helpful for existing small to mid-sized companies.

What is The Learning Network?

During the three decades I have spent working at small businesses, starting my own companies, working at larger corporations and offering consulting services to businesses in the United States, I have learned a lot about this world. And I want to share my knowledge with you, as I believe a successful generation of entrepreneurs is exactly what the world needs right now.

Many aspiring entrepreneurs think they are set when they come up with an interesting idea. Want to know a secret? Everyone has interesting ideas. If you got together a group of people of different genders, ages and work experiences, you would get interesting ideas out of 90 percent of your audience!

The real trick is knowing how to take an interesting idea, develop it into a coherent business plan, and then take action on that business plan. These are the steps I want to teach readers through The Learning Network. Along with providing you with the latest news surrounding the business world, there will be plenty of blog posts and guides dedicated to starting a business.

Business and the Internet

As someone who entered the business world in the 1980s, it was hard for me to understand how the internet could become such an important tool for businesses. But it is precisely because of my adaptability that I was able to continue succeeding with my ventures.

Many business owners are skeptical about how the internet and social media can help their company. I want to erase that skepticism and show you how leveraging sites like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube can be the way to bring your business to an even better position.

I am always looking out for the latest tips, tricks and innovative tactics that can help people leverage the internet to boost their business. From cloud computing to website development to social media marketing, many of the blog posts will be focused on this aspect of being an entrepreneur.

I Want to Hear From You!

Whether you are a successful entrepreneur, hoping to start your first business, or you recently closed down a small business, I want to hear from you! There are so many interesting and informative blog posts going up on the site in the coming days and weeks. It is very easy to submit a comment to those posts. It is how interesting discussions get going! Or you can even click here to send me a direct message.

I believe that readers can learn as much from each other as you can learn from my experiences and knowledge. I cannot wait to hear what each of you has to say about entrepreneurship and the business world!