Many people have unique ideas when it comes to products or services. The issue is that most are not aware of the complexities involved in starting and growing a successful business. Starting from scratch is very difficult, which is why so many small businesses fail within a few years.

The Learning Network can help aspiring entrepreneurs avoid becoming a negative statistic. With the Business Starter’s Guide eBook I am are offering, you can learn about:

How to refine your ideas so that you can take a vague concept and turn it into an actionable business idea. As someone who started multiple successful businesses, I know about the challenge of taking a concept and turning it into the centerpiece idea behind your new business. And I have some tips that will help you focus your ideas in the right way.

How to write a business plan to help you understand the purpose, goals and financial aspects of your prospective business. A major reason why businesses fail is because they rush from the concept to opening the first physical location. My experiences taught me that a coherent, detailed business plan is essential to running a successful business. And I will show you how to create one.

How to assess how much money you have available, how much you need to borrow and what your business will cost in the first few years. Fiscal responsibility can be the difference between a business staying open for one or ten years. My eBook will help you determine how much capital you need to start your business and where you can find the necessary loans or investors to get your company off the ground.

How to determine your legal structure and register with the government. The eBook goes into detail about the differences between a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation and limited liability corporation. I will also help you understand the steps involved in registering with the government and IRS.

How to purchase the necessary business insurance policies. No one opens a business on the assumption they will be sued by a customer or employee. But such instances do occur. Whether it is property damage, theft, customer lawsuits or employee lawsuits, a business without the right type of insurance is always at risk of going under.

How to build a team of talented professionals around you. Even if you have the best business idea in the world, your company can only succeed with the right team. My experiences taught me how to surround myself with talented individuals who had the expertise and experience that I did not. When everyone’s talent comes together, your business can be something special.

How to choose the appropriate vendors for your operation. Every aspect of your business, from telecommunications to online marketing to distribution to accessing supplies is done through vendors. The Learning Network eBook on how to start a business will go over all the do’s and don’ts involved in picking vendors for various tasks.

How to build your brand. Building the company brand is when you can take your ideas and turn them into something people would be interested in spending money on. From the company logo to website to social media profiles, every aspect of your branding must be perfect. And I will show you exactly how you can create the ideal brand image for your new business.

How to hire the necessary staff members to ensure your business runs smoothly each day. You already have your core team set up. But most businesses will need other employees who are performing different tasks each day. It is especially important for a business with a physical location. The professionalism and temperament of your staff can go a long way towards establishing goodwill with your customers. I will help you understand how to pick and train staff members to help establish your business.

How to grow your business after the first year. Navigating the first 12 months is a huge achievement for any business. Now comes the part where your business must continue to grow and evolve. The Learning Network eBook goes into detail about the steps you can take to grow and evolve a business so that it achieves, maintains and increases profitability in the coming years.

I wrote this eBook because I believe that everyone deserves a shot at starting and running their own business. If you have ideas that you believe can add value to people’s lives, I want to help you get that business off the ground.

Everything I have learned in the past few decades as an entrepreneur is in this book. There are no secrets beyond what is in these pages. Consider downloading my eBook so that you can learn about all the steps involving in starting a business.

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