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Framework for Community Transformation

There were five components to The Learning Network's framework for community transformation. They were designed to create the dynamics required to transform
how our community prepares its residents for success from birth to contributing back to the community.

1. Shared Vision of a community education continuum

We believe a collective vision of education and learning is key to community prosperity. 

2. Research-based community-level outcomes

The community-level outcomes are:

  • Percentage of children meeting Kindergarten, beginning of the year readiness benchmarks.
  • Third grade reading and math proficiency.
  • Sixth grade reading and math proficiency.
  • Cohort graduation rate.
  • Percentage of students who meet or exceed the ACT English and math subtest of the college readiness
    benchmark scores.
  • Associate's/Bachelor's degree attainment within six years of high school graduation.
  • Adults reading at or above a sixth grade reading level.

3. Action Networks

Action Networks are groups of people working together to use data and a continuous improvement process to identify and adopt practices that impact a community-level outcome. 

4. Backbone Team

The Learning Network's Backbone Team provided support to the Action Networks and consisted of a manager, data team and associates.

5. Community Engagement

Through the Action Networks and funded projects, The Learning Network engaged people across public, private and nonprofit sectors and people who served by The Learning Network, with emphasis on including people and groups who in the past have been marginalized.